Need to Know Where You’re Going & How You’ll Get There

Strategic planning is central to what we do at Engage Marketing.  Understanding a client’s business objectives, products and services, market position, customers and sales strategies provide us with the information needed to develop robust business, strategy and marketing communications plans.

Our Plans Are Designed to Deliver on What Every Business Needs Most – Sales

We develop plans that building awareness of client companies and their products and services, generating interest and getting them in the consideration set.  But that’s only the foundation – demand creation and lead generation is vital, as is driving engagement that will lead to conversions and sales.  Our strong belief in the customer experience and the process and technology recommendations we make as part of it, means our planning goes further by increasing client customer satisfaction as well as hyper-measurement, analysis and iteration.

As Simple and Effective As Possible

Our approach is to make the process as simple as possible, with the intent to get the plans working quickly.  We develop many types of plans: business, strategic plan, marketing communications, and digital marketing plans for our clients.  We also prefer to be instrumental in bringing those plans to life by way of program implementation and management.  See project management in the Services section for more detail.