CRM & Marketing Automation | Sales & Marketing Technologies

We believe that every business should be leveraging the benefits of sales and marketing technologies.  The power of these technologies can significantly contribute to the success of converting prospects into customers and maximizing their value to an organization. But technology on its own isn’t enough. It’s important to start with a clear set of goals, to fully understand the sales process from all points of view and then select of the right tools based on those requirements.

We are constantly working with the best tools available and stay on top of tool development to be a trusted resource for our clients in recommending, instituting and and configuring them for each unique organization.

Data Capture for the Development of Actionable Insight

Often, organizations have opportunities to collect information from their customers and prospects and don’t.  We know that data is fundamentally important to an organization for:

  • developing market, product and customer insight
  • input for product development and lead generation
  • process development and refinement, and more.

We hunt for ways to capture and shepherd information into repositories for use in tools that will make it useful for sales and marketing purposes, turning it into powerful, actionable intelligence.

Tools We Use