Setting the Expectation

Creating a brand is about creating an expectation in the minds of customers and then delivering on that expectation, consistently.  It’s about a promise.  Brand marketing supports and promotes brands, whether it’s the company itself or a product or service offering of the company.  In today’s world, brands are being disrupted every day and everywhere, so it’s more vital than ever to assess, reassess and monitor cues from customers, markets and channels to ensure the brand is delivering what customers expect and to uphold the promise made to them.

Positioning & Identity

We begin a brand marketing initiative by helping to identify what sets a company apart from its competitors, the distinct benefits of its products and services, and the ways its internal technology, systems and people deliver in the marketplace. From there, we can establish positioning and an identity for the company. Market and competitive research is a large part of this process and it’s important to get it right.  Establishing how a company will start and continue to monitor the marketplace and its customers’ needs begins here and is represented in value propositions and more.  Armed with this insight, we can begin to develop identity materials, collateral and other marketing assets.


Once a company’s claim is staked within the marketplace, we can begin creating the framework for creative development that will build awareness of the features, benefits and value a company and its products and services deliver to customers. The research that is being done will help to flesh out, inform and define buyer personas and value propositions.  Strategy in terms of online and offline channel selection, markets and targets will be considered when developing design, messaging and promotional content.

The Customer Experience

The customer experience is an enormously important element of branding and the largest part of delivering on your brand promise.  Managing capabilities within an organization toward delivering on the expectations of customers is critical to brand support.  This total effort encompasses people, systems and technologies – in addition to the traditional ways of looking at brand – imagery and messaging.  That management can be a daunting task, but we help you determine what needs to be managed to support a brand promise.